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Heatwave has been a staple in both Vancouver and Atlanta’s hip hop scene, navigating the underground waters with independently funded tours and releases. Even taking the time to break down the game to his fellow music peers, Heatwave puts us on game with songs “Above This, Unity, Immigrant, Around The Clock and many mor

Emmanuel “Heatwave” Matovu is a Canadian hip-hop artist born in Lesotho, Africa of Ugandan descent. Growing up in Vancouver HeatWave was discovered by legendary rapper Red1 of the Juno-Award winning group The Rascalz. Soon after linking with Red1 and his label Killawatt Records HeatWave developed a national following from a series of popular underground mixtapes titled The Masses. This attention lead him to tour not only Canada, the U.S and Australia but to the islands of Haiti and Antigua as well.

Following his international tours HeatWave spent a fair amount of time in Atlanta developing and defining his sound but also building a team of photographers, producers and videographers. With his unmistakable vibe, uncompromising drive and a strong team in place, HeatWave prepares to release continuous material in 2021.

With his visionary mindset, HeatWave has the ability to adapt to current hip-hop trends and move with the times while maintaining his classic appeal. He plans to win over new listeners with his unique sound and unforgettable bangers and turn first time listeners into life-long fans.

Over the course of HeatWave’s career he has performed multiple solo shows, on festival stages such as Supafest Australia and alongside artists such as Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Chris Brown, Big Sean, Damian Marley and many more.

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