Japan Bans International Spectators From Attending Summer Olympics⁠

It's Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, IOC & Japanese Prime Minister Confirm -  Swimming World News

According to reports, Japan has made it clear that international spectators for the 2021 Summer Olympics are not allowed. The country is not allowing international spectators to watch the Olympics or Paralympics after COVID-19 concerns, according to organizers of the event.

The decision to ban international spectators from attending the summer Olympics came after a five-way talk between the Japanese government, the Organizing Committee Tokyo 2020, the Toyo Metropolitan Government, the International Paralympic Committee, and the International Olympic Committee. It was noted that 600,000 Olympic tickets are going to be refunded, and 30,000 Paralympic tickets will be refunded as well.

The chief executive of Tokyo 2020—Toshiro Muto, said, “People who are involved in the Olympics in some way may be allowed to enter the country, whereas regular visitors will not be able to.” Stay tuned for more updates.

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