Yung Dashiki’s XII Broken Promises Is The Story You Need To Hear

Yung Dashiki perfects storytelling in his new project, XII Broken Promises. The album released earlier this year encapsulates the naivety of youth in love. 

The sophomore album displays Yung Dashiki’s growth not only in his sound but also in his artistic voice. Yung Dashiki shows a more vulnerable side compared to his first project Why I Chase the Bag. The first project captured the young rapper’s skills, but XII Broken Promises, shows off his ability to fully develop a concept and engage listeners.

Yung Dashiki used an introspective take to get to the bottom of the emotional worst-case scenario. The artist uses the album to answer what it means to create and convey emotion with power and sensibility. “I’m searching deeper in myself,” he said when asked about his motivations for the project.

“What is the extent that someone can struggle emotionally, and what happens?” Yung Dashiki’s work centers a constant healing process. XII Broken Promises started with a storyline. This allowed the rapper to create songs based on events, and use his writing to push his narrative. “The hard part is expressing points that are important.”

Yung Dashiki understands the balance between complexity and simplicity. This understanding is what helped him create his art. The young musician’s process involves a complete removal of consequence, resulting in the delicate vulnerability of his recent project.

“The character is the worst-case scenario of myself,” Yung Dashiki wants to emphasize the importance of centeredness. “I am a very emotionally connected individual, but what would happen if I didn’t allow myself to truly heal?” The deliberate arc of Yung Dashiki’s character ends with a strong theme of survival despite whatever odds.

The rapper, who started his journey as a musician three years ago, has so much to show for. From Why I Chase the Bag to XII Broken Promises, Yung Dashiki’s rapid growth is definitely something to watch out for.

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